Happy Easter People!! =DD

Peace and Love & Happy Easter everyone!! =DD
At Saturday I`m going to eat Candy eggs & some good Easter dinner. WOW yumyum! lol =D
Tomorrow I gonna change my hair to dreads! ;) Yaaa you heard me.... I`m going to insert dreads in my hair tomorrow but don`t worry I`m going to switch it up with my dreads to this hair again and this hair in to dreads and so on...... yaa you get it! =)
5 weeks and 4 days out now...... =) 
My sponserclothes came to day.
Happy me! =D 
So here some pic of all my clothes and allso some pics on my shape. 
Things starts to appear now... =D
Have a good evening now....I`m going to rest my back and all of me ;) too now soo...
See Yaa!!  


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